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If you were to guess where the dirtiest spot in your home was, you'd say the bathroom toilet, or the washout sink, or even the indoor trash can. You'd be wrong. 

The dirtiest spot in your home is your outdoor trash and recycle bins. Contracting trash cleaning services is the best way to prevent health risks and other complications from dirty trash bins.

Sure they're gross-looking, smell bad, and all it takes is one broken or leaky bag, and wow, what a mess! But your trash could be making you physically ill, and you might not even suspect it. Why is that?

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Did you know that in the United States, there are 40 million tons1 of food that is thrown away every year?

Whether you're throwing away expired food, dirty diapers, or empty water bottles, your trash can gets a lot of use. If you're tired of your trash can being smelly oh, you may be wondering if a trash can cleaning service is an investment that's worth your money. That's why today, we've created this article to help educate you on the importance of cleaning your trash cans.

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